About the Authors:

Don Davis emerged from ten years of retirement to join forces with his mentor, Dr. Eugene Patronis, for Sound System Engineering, Third Edition.

Don Davis and his wife, Carolyn wrote the first and second editions of the book for use in their seminars. They are perhaps best known for the founding of Synergetic Audio Concepts in 1972, and their subsequent world-wide educational seminars.

Close collaboration with Richard C. Heyser and the California Institute of Technology patent office led to commercial instrumentation and measurements that have enormously impacted this book and the audio industry.

Previous to this, Don had written "Acoustical Tests & Measurements" (1964), "How to Build Speaker Enclosures" (1966) with Alex Badmaieff, and also published a multitude of technical articles and AES papers.

If Bad Sound Were Fatal, Audio Would be the Leading Cause of Death by Don & Carolyn Davis was published in 2004.


Eugene Patronis, Jr. Eugene Patronis, Jr. is the holder of both the Bachelor of Science and Doctor of Philosophy degrees.

He is now Professor of Physics, Emeritus at the Georgia Institute of Technology where he taught and performed research for fifty-one years. During his teaching career he founded programs in applied physics in the areas of acoustics, electronic instrumentation, and computer interfacing. In addition to numerous refereed scientific publications dealing with nuclear physics, electronics, acoustics, and audio, he has authored chapters in five reference handbooks dealing with nuclear physics, electronics, and audio engineering.

He is also the author or co-author of seven audio related patents. Throughout his career he served as consultant to both industry and to government and is continuing to serve as a consultant to the Army Research Laboratory.